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Peter McMath

WPIC Marketing + Technologies

Chief Revenue Officer


Who is Peter McMath

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Originating from an entrepreneurial background as Founder and Executive, Peter is obsessed with solving problems. Having built and executed solutions across every department of a company, Peter is now committed to leveraging his holistic experience in value creation and growth for organizations seeking market entry and market growth in the Asia Pacific regions.


From ideation to execution, Peter has developed products, built consumer brands, managed international sourcing and complex supply chain logistics and discovered partnership opportunities. Ultimately, Peter’s impact has created value for organizations and customers in over 40 countries.


Peter’s strong ability to identify and understand the core problems, then communicate a concise and appealing vision forward allows him to effectively identify key objectives and execute a plan to profitability and success.

What Mr. McMath will be discussing...

Did you know that more than 70% of digital commerce growth in China in 2021 took place on Douyin?

Are you interested to learn about the hottest channel in China that’s driving growth for health and wellness brands right now?

Join WPIC Marketing + Technologies, the world's leading e-commerce consultancy, for an insightful conversation around social commerce and what it takes for North American brands to sustainably activate in the world’s largest digital commerce market.


For brands, Douyin represents the future of digital commerce in China and the best opportunity to reach more than 600M savvy and engaged consumers.

The session will cover:

• How health and wellness became one of the fastest-growing consumer product categories in China

• Douyin’s rise and why the app resonates with consumers in the market

• Digital commerce opportunities on Douyin

• Traditional commerce 1.0 vs. Douyin Commerce 2.0 and the opportunity in “content to commerce”

• Why Douyin ROAS is so much more attractive than any other platform in China

• The benefits of Douyin product discovery

• And more!


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