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Industry Metrics

Every wondered how many brick and mortar stores were independently owned, or how many franchises existed? How about the likelihood that a store owner will carry your brand over a local brand they know? Below you'll find research, metrics and analytics we've put together for the South East Region of the United States. As we gain access to new data this page will be updated.

Industry Metrics
Where are your products being sold?

Market Data shows that the in North America, the functional food and beverage market share is being augmented by a growing number of health-conscious consumers who are opting for foods rich in nutritious and functional substances. The increased consumer focus on enhancing physical, mental, and overall health through a healthy diet is propelling the market’s growth across the region. If convenience and supermarkets take up 76% of the market collectively, then wouldn't it be a good idea to target those buyers directly?

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Florida State Data
Why Miami Beach?

Data shows that Grocers and Convenience Stores (the bulk of our exhibitors) produce the bulk of the sales for the United States in the Food, Beverage and Supplement Markets. With Florida totaling over $48bn in 2021. Miami-Dade County being the most heavily populated county in Florida accounts for the bulk of these sales. With over 40,000 stores carrying Health & Wellness related products, Florida is the 2nd largest market in the United States.

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Why Attend USA Health Expo?

Our event is being held in one of the largest health, fitness and nutrition markets in the US - Miami, Florida. We are expecting a total of 10,000+ buyers and consumers based on previous event hosted in the area.

Get your products into new stores and distributors, and increase your brand recognition by promoting your brand to people that are actively seeking out the products you sell.

What is an Expo - USA Health Expo 2023

How To Attend

Want to become an exhibitor or a sponsor? Get the process started with these few easy steps:

  1. Submit our Exhibitor Request Form

  2. Select a package from our Exhibitor Kit

  3. Choose a booth location from our Floor Plan

  4. Submit your payment 

Once your invoice is paid - you are good to go.

Now it's time to get your booth prepared and travel plans booked.


The Newest Trade Show in the Health & Wellness Industry

Don't miss out on the years newest Health & Wellness Trade Show in the United States, USA Health Expo Miami 2023. Located in Miami Beach, Florida. Our event will feature 300+ health, wellness, fitness and supplement brands and over 10,000 expected attendees. Promote your brand and products in the biggest market for health and fitness in the United States - Miami Beach. Get in touch with us today to reserve your booth space or sponsorship package today.

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