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Creative Direct Marketing Group

Craig Huey & Caleb Huey

Industry Business Owners


What will Craig & Caleb be discussing?

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They will be discussing the #1 Mistake Natural Product Marketers Make, and How to Eliminate It. Craig & Caleb will also be sharing their secrets to getting more customers, and the steps for generating more revenue.

Who is Craig Huey (Founder & CEO)

Recognized as one of the world’s leading experts in direct response marketing, Craig is the winner of 86 major marketing awards for break-through campaigns for multi-million dollar sales.


He has helped turn small companies into thriving businesses and medium-sized businesses into multimillion dollar corporations using his expertise in direct response marketing, direct mail, targeting strategy, and accountable advertising.

Who is Caleb Huey (President)

For over 10 years Caleb has appeared as a guest on TV, spoken at conferences, and helped provide marketers with new ways to expand and grow. He has made millionaires out of entrepreneurs and helped grow million-dollar organizations to even higher levels of success. Caleb is an expert in the field of Direct Marketing, Digital Marketing, Video, TV, Radio and Integrated Marketing Solutions.

About CDMG Inc.

A leader in target advertising, Creative Direct Marketing Group, Inc is a full-service, direct response advertising and digital marketing agency with one goal in mind: increasing your response, market presence, and profits through “accountable advertising.” For more than 40 years, we’ve helped turn entrepreneurial start-ups into large companies…and large companies into multibillion-dollar businesses.

CDMG is committed to helping our clients achieve unparalleled success in an ethical and responsible manner. Our goal is to craft advertising and marketing strategies that effectively promote our clients’ products and services, helping them build stronger, more profitable companies.


Maximum response is achieved through decades of experience in direct marketing, including the use of thoroughly tested and responsive copy messaging, a comprehensive and multi-pronged delivery strategy, and innovative yet cost-effective tactics. We achieve client satisfaction with unparalleled campaign performance, one-on-one customer service, and proven response results.


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