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Bogdan Chugunov

Carte Blanche WCA Inc.

President of Carte Blanche WCA, Inc.

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Who is Bogdan Chugunov

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As a cancer survivor I passed through a lot. After it was surgically removed in 2005 my life has turned upside-down. I changed my business course from licensed domestic employment agency to natural supplements distributor and functional foods importer. Later I became a brand owner and brought several natural remedies to USA from different countries where gastric cancer mortality rate stays close to zero under my own brand names :Bee Magic and Health Republic. I do believe such remedies indirectly prevent human mutated cells to convert into cancerous. I've learned a lot about Manuka Honey ( visited New Zealand and became a US distributor in 2014), now I know how to identify real Manuka honey from fake (my YouTube channel tells you a little what I mean), I can tell your audience about common tricks nowadays mass Manuka honey manufacturers use to keep their brand “competitive” on US market and why FDA does not control the "Manuka honey". I'm proficient in another beehive product that human civilization uses for last 4000 years - bee propolis and I can tell you what this strange looking natural substance is.

What Mr. Chungunov will be discussing...

He wants to teach people about Manuka honey therapeutic property, and how to understand about the difference between table grade Manuka honey and medicinal one, as well as how to disclose about bee propolis bio-activity, to tell about Shilajit majic as well to populate Siberian cedar sap oleoresin therapeutic properties( it time permits).


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