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BG Mancini

Brain & Gut Institute

BG Mancini, Owner of the Brain & Gut Institute

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Who is BG Mancini?

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Meet Dr. BG Mancini of The Brain and Gut Institute for Research and Recovery.  

Dr. Mancini works with children, adults, families and practitioners to identify the root causes of physical, emotional, and neurological challenges. Some of the techniques used to help her patients include, Hemispheric integration, Retained reflex integration, Developmental vision, Functional medicine testing for the gut/brain, Polyvagal/ Vagus nerve/SSP, Mold/Lyme testing, nutrient deficiency analysis, and family integration.

She has helped thousands of families around the world increase neurological connections in their children’s brain through mobility, nutritional changes, and creating awareness of available techniques to deepen the connection between children and parents.  Dr. Mancini combines tools to integrate neurological and emotional support that lasts a lifetime. 

A Deeper Look...

Dr. BG Mancini has more than 25-years experience in her field as an Acupuncturist Physician, Functional Medicine Practitioner, and Neurodevelopmental Specialist.  She combines her clinical experience with the Polyvagal Theory of healing and connection to help deeply integrate a multitude of tools.  Her driving purpose is to maximize outcomes for adults, families with well children, and those with children experiencing challenges to reach milestones and full potential.  Twenty-five years ago, she recognized the connections between dairy, gluten, sugar and processed foods in neurologically and physically challenged children and adults.  Truly, her work is ahead of its time and just in time for the epidemic of delays and illnesses facing our children today. 

In her clinical practice and her Childhood Essentials™ courses for parents and practitioners, she conveys how to properly see the neurological development of a child from day one through movement and connection.   She works with diagnoses such as ADHD, Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder, and more to create a plan of action that allows a child’s brain to reach its potential and for the family to find greater balance.  Findings from Harvard’s Center on the Developing Childs’ research supports the techniques she has used for years. This research shows that a foundation for any type of learning begins through connections to those around them.  This is integral in creating neural pathways for resilience and further nervous system development.  Through her work parents learn how to step into their own nervous systems differently to be more available and present for their children.   

By creating connections through engagement and mobility her protocols use a child’s own neuro plasticity through their senses to functionally encourage the brains development. Their sensory pathways are responsible for relaying information into the brain to allow it to start making sense of the outside world and integrate their internal awareness.  Beyond the five senses we know (sight, sound, smell, hearing and taste), Mancini's work uses Proprioception, Interoception, and Vestibular Integration to teach parents how to help their children excel no matter their starting point.  These critical tools help children and adults find more ease and balance in their bodies and brains which leads to families finding more balance together.

About the Brain & Gut Institute

The Brain & Gut Institute is focused on helping families and children reach their highest level of health, neurological development and connection through nutrition, mobility, neurological pathways and the nervous system. Any child, whether they have a neurodivergent diagnosis, anxiety, sleep challenges, etc. or if they are a well child who experiences emotional dysregulation affecting the whole family, these things always connect back to diet, lifestyle, milestones, and retained reflexes.


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