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Kristina Centnere

TEDx Speaker | Neuromarketing Expert

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Kristina Centnere - TEDx Speaker - USA Health Expo 2023 in Miami Beach

Who is Kristina?

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In the last decade, Kristina Centnere has built and grown three marketing agencies that span from digital marketing and press to unique service offerings like neuromarketing. Kristina is the principal strategist for all of her agencies, predominantly serving the wellness and beauty sectors, and occasionally serving as an outsourced CMO to national and local organizations.

She travels nationally to educate audiences on cutting-edge marketing techniques, including neuromarketing and strategic press acquisition. Kristina is dedicated to wellbeing and has recently launched her own skincare line, MOOD Skin Care, which is the first to combine pure, clinic-grade ingredients with aromatherapy benefits.

About getclout agency

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Join our list of industry professionals and business owners that will be speaking at USA Health Expo in Miami Beach. Share your ideas, experience and knowledge with thousands of consumers and hundreds of business owners in the health and wellness industry. Register to become an event speaker today.

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