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Exhibitor WiFi Guide

USA Health Expo will provide a wireless internet package to our exhibitors as a paid service. Connect your POS systems, entertainment devices and laptops to the high-speed Smart City Wifi network. See our wifi guide below for how to connect to the network.


Connection Instructions

Step 1

Connect To Network

Connect to the network name (i.e., Exhibitor Internet or Instant Internet) by following your computer’s procedure for choosing available wireless networks.

Step 2

Open Web Browser

Open your browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, or other browser). You should see a page resembling the graphic shown below. If you do not see the graphic shown, please refresh your browser.

Step 3

Purchase Internet

If this is your initial purchase, enter your username (email address) and password, then click BUY NOW. Follow prompts to complete your purchase or log-in. Refer to service options and limitations shown to the right.

Step 4


If you have already created an account and are returning for additional sessions, click LOGIN.

Depending on where you are in the facility, you may see one or both of the following SSIDs (network names). Although you may see both Exhibitor and Instant Internet, they are not actually supported in all areas. These networks are supported only in the areas designated below. Choose the option which best suits your location and requirements.

Wireless Options


For questions regarding wireless services or any other wired Internet and Telephone services we provide, please call Smart City at 888-446-6911 or visit us online at


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